Careers Service team invite employers from medical and health area to cooperate in:

- publishing and distributing information about job offers (on our website, at University and by newsletters)
- organizing presentations for students and graduates
- meetings with students and graduates (Meetings with Medical Labour Market / Medical Job Fairs)

We encourage to send a work advertisement especially those employers who look for:
1. audiologists (BSc)
2. dentists (MSc)
3. dentistry technicians (BSc)
4. dieticians (BSc, MSc)
5. speech therapists (BSc)
6. physicians (MSc)
7. physiotherapists (BSc, MSc)
8. pharmacists (MSc)
9. nurses (BSc, MSc)
10. midwiferies (BSc, MSc)
11. medical analysts (MSc)
12. public health specialists (BSc, MSc)
13. radiologists (BSc)
14. rescuers (BSc)
15. stomatology hygienists (BSc)

Employers are asked to fill in job offer form and send it to biurokarier@wum.edu.pl.
Job offer form (download)