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Post: Student co-ordinator


Job offer nr 229/6

Post: Placement co-ordinators and Nightshift Supervisors in GAP Medics Programme

Location: Warsaw

Job offer nr 352/10


Post: Customer Service Specialist with ENGLISH AND OTHER LANGUAGE (Spanish/Italian/French/German/Portuguese/Arabic)

Location: Warsaw

Job offer nr 255/8


Post: Junior Medical Writer with Fluent English

Location: Warsaw

Job offer nr 249/8


Post: Translator (native or near native)

Location: Warsaw, Radom

Job offer nr 116/4


Post: Confirmatory Typing Coordinator, Foundation DKMS Poland (base of the stem cell donors)
Location: Warsaw
Job offer nr 43/2

Post: English Speaking Maths Tutor, private tutoring center
Location: Warsaw
Job offer nr 253/10

Post: Customer Service Consultant with Swedish language
Location: Warsaw
Job offer nr 4/1

Trainee programme in European Medicines Agency (deadline for receipt of application forms: 15 June 2014)

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